Melaleuca – The Environment-Friendly MLM Company

Melaleuca Incorporated is a company founded by Frank VanderSloot in 1985. Mr. VanderSloot conceptualized the company with the main purpose of helping people with their finances. The company currently sets headquarters in Idaho. Melaleuca has literally changed the lives of the millions of distributors that have profited from its generous compensation plans. People who have purchased the products and have benefited from it have also experienced significant improvements in their health. Throughout its several years in the business, the company has earned more than $800 million and has provided various opportunities for people looking for opportunities to earn best mlm companies.

MLM companies have emerged recently and are quickly increasing in number, and rightly so. More and more people are looking for fresh business opportunities that can help them earn money through several easy ways. These people may have been affected by the global economic recession, losing their jobs. Some others partake in MLM businesses in order to supplement their insufficient income from their day jobs. There are also still those who wish to be completely freed from their commitments to jobs that do not pay that well and provide little room for growth and development. MLM has attracted these individuals because people can easily earn money from commissions from their sales.

The MLM business functions in such a way that it sells and distributes products and services through independent individuals known as distributors, who in turn, receive commissions from their sales. More so, distributors can organize a downline organization that is basically composed of individuals that have been recruited into the business. The members of the downline are also distributors, but in a sense help the recruiting distributor to rake in more money by giving a commission from their sales. What is more, companies are also offering many different compensation plans and bonuses, rewarding the distributor with cars, cruises, and the like for their excellent performance. As such, more and more people who are looking for a means to earn a stable income venture and start their own MLM business.

Melaleuca is just like any other business. As any other business, Melaleuca prioritizes sales more than anything else. Though many companies may deny this, the fact remains that a business is put up to bring in profit. As such, the company easily welcomes new distributors or representatives though there are already a lot of them in the company, which ultimately proves to be a difficulty for these people who joined the company to earn money. Also being a company that was started decades back, Melaleuca adheres to traditional marketing strategies and heavily relies on personal relations and face-to-face communication. This leads to the lack of modern marketing methods that can actually help the business to thrive.

Indeed, several problems plague the industry. The company can remedy these problems. Melaleuca should no longer allow new representatives, what with the enormous number of its current representatives. Better yet, they could revoke the membership of inactive and inefficient representatives so as to give way to those who are interested in joining the company and can bring in better results sales. The company can also keep pace with the changing times by providing effective representatives a personalized website that they can use to reach out to the wide market through the use of the Internet.

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